Cashiers United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
+ Christ has no hands but yours +
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Children's Pageants

 Various Children's Pageants
"Special Delivery" was our 2015 Christmas pageant.  We were invited to ride along with the special delivery person as she made special deliveries to many people to find out that the greatest special delivery was God's gift to us in the birth of Jesus.
"An Unexpected Christmas" was our 2014 Christmas pageant.  Imagine pulling back the curtain of time and taking a peek into Heaven as God reveals His plans for the very first Christmas.
"The Big Big Story" was our children's 2013 Christmas pageant.  We were introduced to the reporter, "Kelly" from the Crossroads Chronicle, and her trusty camera person who were following up on a tip that a "big story" was about to take place. Through interviews with "characters" they discover the big story is the birth of Jesus.